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Not just GOOD, but TOP Property Agents

At some point, all of us would have done some form of sales. It is what drives most industries and is usually the frontline for generating revenue.

The property market in Singapore is one type of industry which sees a large pool of salespeople trying to make it rich. With high property prices and strong demand from affluent foreign investors, it makes perfect sense for the capable salesperson to make a lot of money.

However, there may come times when there is saturation in the market and you find that there is a lack of buyer interest due to incidents like an economic downturn or a market crash. In such situations, when the market is slow, key investors will be identified and these are usually the ones with the most money. As a result, most salespeople will zero in on them.

But when there are more salespeople than interested buyers, certain characteristics will come into play.

Some salespeople will give up and lay low until the market is favourable to them again while others will carry on with what they are doing, comfortable with the fact that their results might be subpar at best.

The ones that shine are those whom go above and beyond the call of duty to distance themselves from the pack and prove to potential clients that there is no one else better than them. These are the ones that prove they are adaptable to every situation and are usually in the top percentile of their agency.

Being in the top percentile and a high earner is not difficult in an industry like sales but the recipe for success lies deeply rooted in the one aspect we all usually fail to control; ourselves.

Here are some characteristics of a GOOD Property Agent.

A) Discipline: What separates a good salesperson from a bad one? Discipline. It is the chief ingredient in the recipe for success yet is often the one thing which eludes most of us. This is not to say some people lack discipline completely. A baker may lack discipline when asked to do a desk job but he is focused when he is in the kitchen. A child may lack discipline when faced with schoolwork but is focused when playing a video game. Discipline manifests differently for different people but the true mark of a successful person is he/she who is able to harness it and use it for everything in their lives and not just for the things they like.

B) Time Management: Directly affiliated with discipline, a person's ability to manage his time is key to his success. Good property agents will find themselves constantly engaged with clients. It is important for them to not overbook themselves and risk missing appointments or worse, exhausting themselves because they've burnt the midnight oil too many midnights in a row.

C) Commitment: Working flexible hours is great but the downside is, for most people, not being pigeon-holed and forced to work at their desk is like leaving a kid in a candy store with $100. Too much freedom becomes detrimental to the cause. Commitment, like Time Management is intertwined with Discipline and only the truly committed agent can make money. You have to be committed to your job and treat your flexible hours the way you would if you worked full hours. To make money, you have to commit yourself to the task and see it through. Being your own boss, you may feel like you are devoid of all responsibilities but the truth is, you are responsible for yourself and that is the most important responsibility of all.

Discipline, time management and commitment are the holy trinity of sales but it does not end there. Having successful characteristics is nothing if you do not match it with worthy attributes. A good salesperson is defined by the word ‘good' rather than ‘salesperson' and here are a few key attributes one should employ if they hope to be TOP salesperson in the property market.

1. Honesty: It is usually the simplest things we find the hardest to do and when faced with the prospect of making a lot of money by being less truthful as opposed to making less with telling the truth, we tend to give in to our greed and compromise on work ethics. This may work sometimes but it will work against you eventually. Customers always work with salespersons they feel they can trust therefore you are morally obligated to look out for their interests over your own, even if it means making less money. A good property agent will have many prospects and do not need to fringe on ethics just to make a quick buck. Bad agents who hang onto every sale as if it's their last are usually guilty of this. Being honest involves everything, from advising on the price of the property to the details of what would make the house look better. An honest agent will tell the client if the house has an odour or if something is out of place. The property agent is usually the first public test the property will have so do your job and be honest about it!

2. Driven: A lazy salesperson makes very little to no money. A driven salesperson on the other hand rises up the ranks very quickly and it is very easy to rise up the ranks in sales. All you have to be is sufficiently motivated to make a lot of money. Besides, clients can tell very early on if an agent is unbothered. This reflects badly not only on you but the company you represent. Being a flexible industry, no one enters a career in real estate accidently. As it has the potential to make you a lot of money, having a lot of drive is really the one thing you should already have before you even decide to pursue a career in sales.

3. Consistency: If you were to ask any salesperson what the ABC of sales is, he/she will be sure to say, "Always Be Closing". It may sound like a tacky phrase but it sums up the nature of a salesperson. To make money, you need to be constantly closing deals. And the only way to close deals is to meet prospects consistently. This means daily. Sales is a numbers game and the more prospects you have, the higher your chance for closing deals. The fewer prospects you have, the more desperately you are going to hang onto every potential and this may lead to time wasting as not every prospect is a serious prospect.

4. Customer Service: You are, above all else, providing a service where you are the trained specialist. A client will want an agent whom not only possesses a working knowledge of the industry but someone who can engage them and listen to their wants and needs. A known fact among salespeople from all industries is that prospects typically choose to work/sign deals with salespeople they like best. How that is determined varies from person to person but generally a salesperson that is well groomed, driven, well-spoken, confident and most importantly, service oriented will catch the eye of clients. In property, the client is potentially dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even

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